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See your iPad 2 in a whole new way! As the amazing iPad continues to evolve, so does this feature-rich book. As, colorful, and accessible as your new iPad 2, this book is the iPad's perfect companion. Open it and find over a hundred tasks succinctly explained using easy-to-follow, side-by-side, full-color screenshots. Want to download books or apps or videos? Send photos or emails? Sync with your other devices? Learn how and much more in this practical, visual guide.

Helps you get the most out of the new Apple iPad 2. Shows you how to download apps from the App Store, send photos or emails, access rich multimedia content and social media, use the multi-touch display, and more. Uses easy-to-follow, full-color, two-page tutorials, so you can quickly get the information you need and see step by step how to do tasks.

Tips and techniques for shooting and sharing superb digital videos. Never before has video been more popular-or more accessible to the home videographer. Now you can create YouTube-worthy, professional-looking video, with the help of this richly illustrated guide. In a straightforward, simple, highly visual format, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Digital Video demystifies the secrets of great video. With colorful screenshots and illustrations plus step-by-step instructions, the book explains the features of your camera and their capabilities, and shows you how to go beyond "auto" to manually adjust the settings for just the effect you want.* Know how to get the most out of your camera, whether it's a high definition video recorder or a still camera with video capabilities* Set exposure, white balance, and shutter speed to achieve optimum results for your subject* Learn how to edit and enhance your video with after capture software. Share your work with friends, family, or professional colleagues on the Web, through YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Google, Yahoo, Flicker, and other sites Jam packed with hints and simple tips, this handy, full-color visual guide will give you the tools and techniques to create better homemade videos or make the jump from amateur to prosumer.

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A step-by-step visual guide to using all aspects of the iPhoto application iPhoto does a lot more than just allow you to crop your photos and fix red-eye! Packed with full-color illustrations and designed for those who learn best when they see how things are done, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto helps you take advantage of all the things iPhoto can do. Easy, step-by-step instructions in the highly successful Visual format show you how to enhance your photos, create photo books and greeting cards, organize your photo library, and even create Web galleries. You'll learn to retrieve photos from your iPhone, camera, or card reader; retouch scans of old photos; add special effects; print your pictures; and more with iPhoto. * Written by an expert videographer and digital video specialist whose experience includes national commercials, news and TV shows, and sports videography * Designed for visual learners, with full-color illustrations showing how to accomplish each task * Shows you how to navigate the iPhoto interface, set preferences, and import photos from cell phones, digital cameras, card readers, or scanners * Demonstrates how to retouch photos, fix amateur mistakes, enhance photos with effects, and create slideshows, photo books, calendars, and greeting cards * Covers creating online galleries, e-mailing photos, burning DVDs, and making prints If you prefer instructions that show you how rather than tell you why, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhoto is the easiest way to make the most of iPhoto.

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Teach Yourself Visually Digital Video

Whether your interests veer towards movies, games, books, or music the iPad is the computing device for dazzling graphics, crisp and clear audio, and effortless portability. If ever there existed a device that demanded a reading companion for the visual learner, it s the iPad and this resource is perfectly suited for the visual audience. Veteran VISUAL author Lonzell Watson walks you through all the features unique to the iPad and shows you how to download books, apps, music, and video content, as well as send photos and e-mails. Plus, you ll discover how to sync the iPad with other Apple devices in order to provide you with the ultimate user experience. * Provides you with the ultimate visual learning guide for the ultimate visual computing device: the Apple iPad * Demonstrates how to get the most from the iPad s unparalleled ability to offer amazing graphics, crisp audio, and light-weight portability * Addresses the iPad s ability to work with all 140,000+ applications in Apple s acclaimed App Store * Walks you through downloading books, applications, music, and videos; sending photos and e-mails; and using the multi-touch display feature. Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad is the only visual resource you need for learning the exciting features that will make you mad for the iPad!

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The evolution of the iPad continues to deliver amazing possibilities, which is exactly why this bestselling guide evolves right along with it! Fully updated with coverage on the latest generation of the iPad, this full-color, step-by-step guide is perfectly suited for anyone who is a visual learner and learns best by visual cues and a tactile interface. You'll learn to access and download books, apps, music, and video content as well as send photos and emails, sync with other devices and services, and confidently use the multi-touch display. * Highlights how to connect to multimedia content, social networking, and the Internet. * Shows you how to upload more than half a million apps, including award-winning games and helpful productivity tools. * Helps you take advantage of the potential of the iPad with the featured visual tips and guidance.

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Are you a visual learner? Do you or your audience prefer instructions that show how to do something — and skip the long winded explanations? If so, then these books are for you. I am a veteran visual learning author who has written multiple bestselling books using this learning style.

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