Canon VIXIA HD Camcorder Digital Field Guide 

  • Design training simulations for the Basic Engineering Common Core studies of the United States Navy.
  • Design and storyboard basic to advanced interactive computer based training for the Basic Engineering Common Core studies of the United States Navy.
  • Assess and revise instructional products for compliance with sound instructional systems design principles and methods.
  • Perform curriculum analyses and support program evaluations efforts.
  • Perform research in Naval Engineering to ensure technical accuracy of lessons.

Genius tips and tricks to help you get the most from Apple's video applications

Your Mac's iMovie and iDVD applications are a key part of the iLife '09 suite and Apple's cool digital lifestyle. iMovie '09 and iDVD Portable Genius is packed with tips and techniques to help you get all the benefits these applications have to offer.

This full-color guide provides essential information and savvy advice on everything from capturing footage to editing, viewing, and posting movies online in a variety of formats. With plenty of hip tips on how to use the core features in iMovie and iDVD, it covers all the basics plus the advanced features that can turn you into a movie-making expert. And its handy 6x9" size makes it easy to take with you for quick advice on the go.

  • Written by a Certified Apple Trainer and illustrated in full color
  • Makes iMovie and iDVD easy to use right from the start
  • Offers essential coverage of the key skills, tools, and shortcuts that will help you start making movies with confidence
  • Explores editing techniques and how to post your movies online
  • Provides the advanced tips and tricks that allow you to create professional-quality movies and DVDs with your Mac

The advice in iMovie '09 and iDVD Portable Genius will help you make great quality movies and have more fun with iMovie and iDVD.


Tips and techniques for shooting and sharing superb digital videos Never before has video been more popular-or more accessible to the home videographer. Now you can create YouTube-worthy, professional-looking video, with the help of this richly illustrated guide. In a straightforward, simple, highly visual format, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Digital Video demystifies the secrets of great video. With colorful screenshots and illustrations plus step-by-step instructions, the book explains the features of your camera and their capabilities, and shows you how to go beyond "auto" to manually adjust the settings for just the effect you want.* Know how to get the most out of your camera, whether it's a high definition video recorder or a still camera with video capabilities* Set exposure, white balance, and shutter speed to achieve optimum results for your subject* Learn how to edit and enhance your video with after capture softwareShare your work with friends, family, or professional colleagues on the Web, through YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Google, Yahoo, Flicker, and other sites Jam packed with hints and simple tips, this handy, full-color visual guide will give you the tools and techniques to create better homemade videos or make the jump from amateur to prosumer.

Final Cut Express 4 Essential Training

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Final Cut Pro 6 For Digital Video Editors Only is a must-have reference for anyone wanting to master Final Cut Pro. ​Bonus DVD includes Final Cut Pro project files to help you complete the tutorials in the book.

Writer and director Lonzell Watson is a syndicated Content Writer on the Final Cut Studio line of software and is a trainer for GeniusDV in Orlando, Florida. As part of his work educating professionals around the world about Final Cut Pro, Lonzell has developed invaluable training materials that are a culmination of the experiences of thousands of working professionals in the field. Throughout this reference, he shares this knowledge with you, along with related tips and tricks.

Final Cut Pro 6 For Digital Video Editors Only offers you a wealth of real world solutions for working with Final Cut Pro, along with other essential applications such as Apple Motion 3, Soundtrack Pro 2, Compressor 3, LiveType 2, and Photoshop CS3 Extended. Learn to edit faster by working more efficiently as you perform some of the most popular effects used in the commercial production industry today, such as the Pleasantville Effect, Ken Burns Technique, the Filmstrip Effect and much more. The book also features a companion Web site where you can submit your questions directly to the author, view completed examples of the hands-on exercises in the book and watch Final Cut Pro video tutorials.

author, video instructor, and creator of downloadable training files

The exciting world of HD video is in your hands.

Your Canon VIXIA HD camcorder delivers crisp video and still images with eye-catching, brilliant colors, enabling you to create amazing video works of art. To help you get all that your camcorder has to offer, this convenient, portable guide shows you how to use the various modes, settings, and features, but that's not all. It also provides an overview of videography fundamentals, then takes you into the field with advice on using sound and light to their best advantage, editing your footage, choosing useful accessories, and more.

Master the settings for VIXIA HD camcorder models HF10, HF11, HF100, HG10, HG20, and HG21, as well as HV20, HV30, and HR10.

Experiment with exposure settings, white balance, image effects, zoom speed, and audio recording levels

Learn more about developing a story, manipulating depth of field, composing shots, and protecting yourself with releases

Transfer and edit your footage with iMovie® '09 or Pixela ImageMixer

Check out my Concept Art & Technical Illustrations!

Teach Yourself Visually Digital Video

author; encompasses 9 camera models in one guide

iMovie '09 and iDVD Portable Genius

Instructional Design & Courseware

simulations and online training

a lifetime of learning

I have designed and storyboarded basic to advanced interactive computer based training, including simulations, for the Basic Engineering Common Core studies of the United States Navy. You can find my courseware being used to train the CIA, FBI, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and all branches of the United States Armed Forces. 

instructional design: TOC creation for others to author

Final Cut Express 4 has brought professional video editing to the weekend editor. In Final Cut Express 4 Essential Training, Final Cut Pro Certified Professional and digital video specialist Lonzell Watson teaches the fundamentals of this software. He shows how Final Cut Express, along with its included program, LiveType 2, offers the power to create animated graphics, perform detailed color correction for broadcast-safe results, and make audio edits. He also provides detailed instruction on how to get finished videos out to the world through DVD authoring, exporting to the web, and optimizing for iPods and other mobile devices. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

  • Adjusting the workspace and preferences for any video creator
  • Bringing content in from outside sources, including tape, photos, and iMovie '08 projects
  • Creating a story through storyboarding, editing with audio cues, and setting transitions
  • Understanding the difference between Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro
  • Using LiveType 2 to create engaging titles and credit rolls
  • Performing background replacements with chroma keying
  • Creating effects with FX plug-ins

Author & creator of multimedia dvd lesson content 

Camber Corporation

Final Cut Pro 6 For Digital Video Editors Only