You can find my courseware being used to train the CIA, FBI, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Phillip Morris, and all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. I was awarded the 2012 Distinguished Technical Communication Award and Best of Show 2012 for my book "Teach Yourself Visually iPad 2," presented by the Society For Technical Communication. TYV iPad 2 went on to win the International Award of Excellence in 2012. I was also recently awarded the 2014-15 College of Communication and Information Outstanding Alumnus Award from the University of Kentucky.

My instructional materials teach complex procedures in computer hardware, software, consumer electronics, video editing, effects creation, sound design, motion graphics, production workflows, and many other topics. I have a proven track record of successfully taking complex subject matter and making it understandable to the end user, ranging from beginner to advanced. 

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Beth Marchant
Editor-in-Chief, Studio/monthly

Lonzell Watson's latest addition to Wiley's "Digital Field Guide" series is an easy-to-read and informative guide to using the new Canon VIXIA HD camcorder. Watson's chapters are neatly organized with bullet points, tips and lots of pictures. I especially liked the "cross reference" tabs throughout that point you to different chapters where a topic, mentioned in passing, is covered in-depth.

The Quick Tour up front will get you oriented right away. And for those new to videography altogether, chapter 4 is a great, basic primer on how to compose, white-balance and adjust your images for better results. If you want to capture nature/wildlife in particular, be sure to check out the section in chapter 3 on continuous shooting (you can move easily between still and video capture with this camera). Another plus: Watson details exactly what the various VIXIA models in the series can and can't do, so if you have an HF10 or an HR10, you're covered.

Courtney Allen
Acquisitions Editor at O'Reilly Media

As an Acquisitions Editor with Wiley publishing, I had the pleasure of working with Lonzell on multiple projects over a span of years. He acted as author, instructional designer, or technical reviewer for each project. Lonzell has a true talent for making complex topics accessible to users of all experience levels, a skill which he applied appropriately and successfully to every piece of content that he touched. 

Beyond his talent for creating effective and accessible instructional content, Lonzell communicates effectively, reliably hits deadlines, and was flexible to the changing needs and timelines of complex projects. I highly recommend Lonzell as an author, instructional designer, and subject matter expert. He is capable, professional, and an amiable addition to any project team.


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Great communication, detailed goals and objectives, detailed plans, and broad consensus are crucial elements to effective project planning, and every business relationship. Often times, these principles can be neglected during the course of a project. I will maintain close contact with you and your company over the course of the project to ensure that the established objectives are met, and that the product is to specification. 


Chris Wolfgang

Editor, Codeship blog at Codeship

Lonzell Watson is a very focused author, and he worked determinedly with Wiley Publishing to produce a superior book. The series his book published in has strict guidelines and can be difficult for an author to adhere to. Watson was in constant contact and never shied away from the difficulties of the publishing world, meeting deadlines well, writing eloquently and clearly, and working with the house's guidelines.

Max Smith

Manager of Remote Content Production,
Lonzell recorded a title for (an online video training company). Not only did he come in more prepared than almost any author I have worked with, but he also dealt with a licensing issue (similar types of issues have sunk courses before) with style and panache. It barely slowed him down when he needed to change every single example that he had prepared.